10 reasons why your brand needs content marketing

By November 21, 2016March 17th, 2021Blog

We live in an age where creative content rapidly spirals into a whirlpool of virality, grasping attention across social media platforms in a matter of minutes. In today’s increasingly competitive world, every brand is desperately vying for the customer’s attention. To cut through all of this noise and make your brand visible is going to be hard if you’re not willing to do what it takes to gain a competitive edge. Content marketing can drive results for your company if you do it right.

If you’re still not sure, here is why you need to start investing in content marketing now.

1. Content will always be king

The key to any successful content marketing strategy begins with the core component-content. You need to create content that your customers want. The kind of content you produce and the way you present it is what is going to entice customers to do business with your company. If your content doesn’t work, not much else will.

2. 78 per cent of CMOs consider personalized content to be the future of marketing

Audiences are evolving and therefore brands need to adapt to the changing environment. Consumers will perceive your brand based on the type of content you’re giving them. Analyst firm Demand Metric found that 78 per cent of chief marketing officers believe the future of marketing lies in creating personalized content. Therefore, it’s critical to listen to your audience to understand what they truly want. What problems and challenges do they face that you can address with your custom content? If your content is not easy to understand or is not relevant to its consumer’s needs, then you’ve lost your target audience.

3. Content marketing leads to 6X higher conversion

Content marketing requires an investment of time, skill and money, which will eventually lead to higher conversion rates than traditional marketing methods. In fact, as per research conducted by USA-based Aberdeen Group in 2014, brands who embrace content marketing have observed website conversion rates to be six times higher than companies who don’t,.

4. Content marketing yields better ROI than digital advertising

According to Hubspot’s annual Inbound Marketing Report 2016, 82 per cent of marketers who blog see positive ROI from their inbound marketing. The report also stated that approximately 200 million people worldwide had installed ad-blocking software in August 2015 proving that traditional paid advertising is no longer effective.

Consumers want to engage with interesting content. There’s a reason why content marketing has a higher ROI compared to digital advertising. If you publish and syndicate your brand’s content in several places then you’ll notice a return in the form of inbound traffic, audience engagement and retention, customer acquisition, conversion, and brand visibility. A case in point is Kraft Foods. In 2014, former Senior Director of Data, Content and Media for Kraft Foods revealed that the company’s content marketing ROI was 4X greater than their most targeted advertising.

For example Pepsi’s ‘That Pepsi Intern’ social campaign encouraged youngsters in Indian to apply for their internship program to win an all-expense paid trip to the Pepsi IPL hosted in the UAE. The company collaborated with Scoopwhoop.com to produce an engaging article with entertaining GIFs. Readers got a good laugh while reading the article and when they scrolled down they came across Pepsi’s marketing message in the form of a video. Unlike a traditional banner ad, the article engaged and entertained reader readers who didn’t find the marketing message intrusive.

5. 60 per cent of consumers are inspired to know more about a product after reading content about it

When you create personalized content targeting specific types of customers, you are encouraging them to engage more deeply with your brand. Once a brand establishes a relationship with a customer, it is able to influence their purchase decisions, which benefit both the brand and the customer. Demand Metric discovered that 82 per cent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading personalized content about it.

Corroborating this was an insight drawn out by Market Research Company Forrester, who found that consumers engaged with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase. For instance, people would rather watch a 30-second video telling a story rather than view a 30-second ad that is not relevant to them.

6. 90 per cent organizations market with content

Demand Metric found that 90 per cent of organizations use content for marketing. When you give people content they want, they are motivated to read it and share it, and even visit your brand’s website.

7. Content marketing disrupts industry and boosts brand awareness

The best part about marketing content that you have created is the fact that you own every word written. Thus, you can place your brand in the position to disrupt an industry or business. Consistent content generation also improves brand recall and boosts awareness about your business.

8. Content marketing costs 62 per cent less and generates about 3X as many leads as traditional marketing

You might think content marketing is expensive, but it isn’t. Content marketing costs 62 per cent less than outbound marketing, which includes Internet cold calling, telemarketing, etc stated Demand Metric. It’s effective, easy to understand and popular among customers, and costs significantly lesser than traditional advertising. The firm also found that for every dollar spent, content marketing results in approximately three times as many leads as traditional marketing.

9. 56 per cent of marketers believe custom content results in higher engagement rates

In IBM’s 2015 Digital Experience Survey, 56 per cent marketers revealed that they feel personalized content results in higher engagement rates. Custom content makes a brand more memorable to consumers and encourages them to engage personally with the company behind the brand.

A case in point would be popular web series Permanent Roommates. Real estate brand CommonFloor.com used a series of witty videos in collaboration with The Viral Fever (TVF) to attract viewers to their web portal. There were several scenes in the videos where the protagonists go house-hunting and try to find an apartment for rent. They are shown accessing Common Floor’s website to fulfill their needs. It not only entertained its target audience, but also created awareness about the real estate company.

10. The world’s top global brands like Nike, Coca-Cola and Rolex have a clear and innovative content marketing strategy

Take a cue from some of the best global brands today ranging from Coca-Cola and Nike to Rolex that have innovative and smart content marketing strategies.

For instance, Coca-Cola gave each of its customers a universal and personalized experience in its Share-a-Coke campaign. Customers could purchase Coke bottles with their own names printed on the bottles. Additionally in the US, the company toured the country making more than 600 stops where people could customize Coca-Cola cans for themselves or for their loved ones. This personalization of content resonated with Coca-Cola customers globally.

If you want to build a stellar brand, be known as an expert in your chosen industry, and retain your customers for the long run, then content marketing has to be a top priority.