5 Ws & 1 H: Your Checklist For Content Marketing

By June 16, 2020March 17th, 2021Blog

Looking to improve your brand exposure and generate new leads? Well that’s what marketing experts are for, but there are a few steps you can follow in a cash crunch. Just by following a checklist of questions, you can put the word out without spending a cent.

They’re called the “5 Ws & 1H” of Content Marketing

W #1: The What – What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is strategic marketing based on the creation and distribution of relevant content focused on improving users’ lives. Be meaningful, be useful, be trustworthy, and you’re already on your way there

W #2: The Why – Why Do Content Marketing?

But why should you do content marketing instead of just buying ads? Isn’t the latter better bang for your buck? Apparently not. Studies show educational content makes consumers 131% more likely to buy. Not to mention at least 47% of people use an ad blocker. People don’t want to feel pandered to, they want to gather information and make their own choices. Content marketing hits all three marks.

W #3: The Where – Where to Do Content Marketing

The best place for your content marketing is always going to be your own website. Why? You’re in full control of it, and how your brand is presented. However it’s also important to employ a healthy combination of other platforms like emailers, social media posts, and influencer blogs.

W #4: The Who – Who to Target with Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t about creating an endless supply of material and hoping it convinces consumers to act. It’s more important to know who your audience is and how specifically to address them. That way you avoid creating generic content that’s too vague to hit the mark with anyone\

W #5: The When – When to Do Content Marketing

When should you do content marketing? All the time! The key is consistency of course. You can’t create great content for two days, neglect your brand for two months, and expect people to still consume your content, or even find it. Create a schedule and stick to it at all costs.

H: The How – Best Practices for Content Marketing

How should you go about your own content marketing campaign? There are 5 key steps to setting out.

Step 1: Know Your Audience
Step 2: Decide on Your Content Marketing Goals
Step 3: Figure Out Which Content Types You’ll Create
Step 4: Create a Content Calendar
Step 5: Start Creating Content!

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