A car ad that’s more ‘in tune’ with it’s audience


Turning positive intent into active interest for Datsun Redi Go, GO+ and Nissan Kicks.


Instead of a ‘one-size-fits all’ we went deeper:

  • We identified a brand persona for each car and mapped it to ConsumeriQ’s archetypes.
  • The dominant archetypes that emerged were ‘Spotlighters’, ‘Maverick’s and ‘Optimists’.
  • Then we crafted messages that appealed to each of these mindsets from socially driven to thrill-seeking to fun-loving.

Campaign creatives were informed by the ConsumeriQ recommended archetypes

Recommended Archetype – Spotlighters

Creative cues:

Personality Keywords: Social, glamorous, imaginative, dynamic

Value Proposition: To appeal to the social aspect of ‘Spotlighters’

Recommended Archetype – Mavericks

Creative cues:
Personality Keywords: Enthusiastic, independent, thrill-seeker

Value Proposition: To appeal to the thrill-seeking nature of ‘Mavericks’

Recommended Archetype – Optimists

Creative cues:

Personality Keywords: Quirky, joyful, caregiving, maternal, faithful
Value Proposition: To appeal to the fun-loving nature of ‘Optimists’


We created a highly relevant and targeted mix of communication and media to reach consumers using search, social media and native content.

Additionally, we created the landing page with the lead form for a seamless user journey.