An ode to Carl Jung

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My first blog on Jung and its not even his birthday (26 July, 1875)! No, I am not batty, just wanted to wish everyone a happy 2020 with an ode to the late Mr Jung.

The fact is that all marketers, particularly those who want to exploit the digital medium, need to lean on his Archetype philosophy, which segregated the psyche of human minds long before we discovered the world of customer segmentation and target groups.

The pertinence of Jungian analyses in today’s world seems uncanny. The psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, believed that behavioural characteristics of human beings – archetypes – reside within the collective consciousness of people the world over. Archetypes represent fundamental human motifs of our experiences as we evolved. And these characteristics evoke deep emotions and are universal. These form the basis of our behavioural patterns deeply rooted in our unconscious and subconscious.

Jung defined twelve primary archetypes that symbolize basic human motivations, illustrated as such:



The most beautiful part is that most of us have more than one archetype at play in our personality construct. Normally, one archetype tends to dominate the personality in general and there are a few that come close to defining the subconscious elements in response to unique triggers. Understanding these archetypes helps gain personal insight into behaviours and motivations, and allows for better interaction and consumer market patterns as well.

And that is a key insight that every marketer seeks. Understanding what their customer responds to when communicated with will ensure maximum efficient coverage across mind sets and behavioural segments with great efficiency, leading to effective engagement. Once you understand/know the archetypes of your audiences/customer, you can connect with their heart and head successfully.

Zirca understands the impact that pyschographics/personality has on marketing communications. Our proprietary tool ContentIQ , at its heart, works on the philosophy of Carl Jung and is designed and built to capture the right Archetype for Brand Personas, allowing a brand/marketer to understand their customers better and build content and creative strategies on the basis of their triggers , beliefs and mind sets.

Not only does the tool define the Archetype, it allows you to plan your content and creative strategy for all forms of digital media consumption – whether search, social, website, programmatic or good old video and audio.

Well, if you want to know more about your Archetypes, click here

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