Because digital is art as well as science

Zirca iQ strives to identify distinctive content opportunities by creating compelling stories based on consumers’ changing content journeys across multiple online platforms. So your brand gets seen by the right people at the right time

Target mindsets
not numbers

The most effective campaigns go beyond counts of likes and tap right into emotions. Using our ConsumeriQ tool, the Archetype Indicator, your brand can address specific mindsets.
Our deep understanding of these mindsets is based on detailed research across multiple cities that looked at digital content engagement and consumer psychographics. Equipped with these insights, we shape unique content strategies that deliver significant results against your marketing objectives.

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From consumer insights
to creative delights

Zirca’s data-driven creative process ensures eye-catching content that adapts seamlessly across platforms by speaking directly to the mindset of the audience(s) with the right message, tone and format. One campaign can now have many expressions!

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Chart a media plan
that drives results

The best use of media is crucial to campaign success. Using our insights, our planning expertise and our publisher alliances will give you the best digital media mix to reach your consumer segment(s) and drive enviable ROI.

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