Your audience is more than a number

ConsumeriQ humanises your audience with different motivations, mindsets and emotions. Psychographic signals are the life-force of good communication, by tapping into these signals we help brands develop creative messages that deliver powerful outcomes.


The magic is
in the methodology

3 steps to powerful results

Step One


The Archetypes Indicator

Zirca commissioned the award winning agency IMRB to perform extensive quantitative and qualitative research across key cities in India. The research asked a series of questions about consumer preferences, needs and motivations to come up with unique psychographic profiles known as archetypes.

Step Two


Linking content and formats to archetypes

ConsumeriQ uses archetypes to give media planners and advertisers relevant content categories, content types and format by archetype. These insights are critical for creating and publishing compelling and engaging content on the right digital channels that resonates with audiences at a much deeper level.

Step Three


The innovative Reach-Depth-Multiple metric

Using the Reach-Depth-Media for content planning is a ground-breaking departure from traditional reach-based media planning. It enables media planners and marketers to create the right content that will keep consumers deeply engaged for longer and at the same time identify and rank digital platforms based on content effectiveness and relevance.

Read how ConsumeriQ employs the revolutionary “Thong Theory” to humanise content creation and placement here

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