Creating breakthrough content without breaking the bank

By February 4, 2020March 17th, 2021Blog

Content marketing is a highly effective avenue to pursue when it comes to digital marketing. Any business can use this to reach potential customers, just by focusing on telling them more about the company, the industry, or their products. However, these campaigns usually require quite a bit of investment, and not every business has the funds for that. So here’s how you maximize your efforts on a shoestring budget

  1. Don’t underestimate a ‘Resource Hub’

A resource hub here is essentially a repository of content a brand can host on its website. Though it works like a blog, it can look like whatever you want, and host all sorts of content. For instance, a tech company might prefer to have this space talk about “Insights”, like how their products function behind the scenes, or the process of development. Brands related to particular sports or activities might carry news or articles about them, like BMX for Red Bull, or professional gaming for Alienware.

Not only is this low-cost to set up, it’s also easy on resources, requiring just a designer to build using a strong CMS like WordPress or Drupal. After that, it’s a simple matter of researching keywords related to your brand or product, and commissioning or creating content.

  1. Stay on topic

With the resource center, what you want to do is stay on topic. Not only does this keep you from spreading your meagre resources thin, it also serves to not waste content budget on things people aren’t coming to your site for. Only publish content on topics that your intended audience cares about.

For that, observing your competitors and industry influencers can point you in the right direction for content. Additionally, relevant questions on sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers can provide fodder too.

  1. Re-purpose content

Don’t spend time and money creating original content when re-purposing existing stuff will suffice. For instance, you can turn existing pieces on your blog into social media posts that link back. These have the dual outcome of populating your social feeds while also driving traffic back to the site.

Also try to split up beefy topics into several stand-alone articles. Explore mediums other than text like infographics, explainer videos etc.

  1. Compile an email list

An Adobe study showed that people spend six hours a day on average checking email. This is your chance to convince consumers attracted by your content marketing to return to your business. When you have people sign up on your site, you now have an email list to boost future articles, or generate other publicity directly among your targeted audience members.