Future-forward targeting for Tech Mahindra


Tech Mahindra commissioned The Wall Street Journal to author thought leadership articles. These were published on In The Future, a tech-based portal created in collaboration with WSJ. In The Future targeted C-suite personnel in US and European markets across multiple industries. While The Wall Street Journal had a strong readership, Tech Mahindra wanted to expand it further.


Using ContentiQ we built higher levels of engagement for In The Future amplifying content reach outside The Wall Street Journal ecosystem increasing visits by up to 50%. At the same time increasing the time spent on the landing page hosted on The Wall Street Journal.


To drive quality clicks to the Tech M-WSJ landing page the content needed to be visible in online spaces frequented by the targeted audience. While the targeted segment was very sharply defined no one single platform could provide a direct link to their online presence.

We therefore handpicked 5 articles on In The Future for amplification. The account management team selected specific content buckets (about 60) to focus on, based on data regarding the probable interests of the defined audience. Images were carefully selected to match the headlines of each article and multiple creative combinations were deployed to understand audience preference. Sessions were mapped against clicks for each deployed creative combination to gauge performance across multiple content networks.

ContentiQs ability to display results as a unified view of the campaign across all channels through a single comprehensive dashboard meant we could ascertain audience response and optimise accordingly. This daily monitoring of content performance across various parameters was instrumental to our strategy.

Top performing images (Based on clicks)


The team exceeded the target clicks to sessions ratio by 35% and an increased session duration by an average of 25-28 seconds.

These successfully results were driven by ContentiQ’s unified dashboard that gave a single view of all aspects of performance data so the campaign and creative could be measured and immediately modified. Instead of having to sift and analyse through data on native campaigns across different platforms we were able to save time and effort and deliver exceptional results.