How Covid-19 Is Boosting Influencer-Led Marketing

By May 19, 2020March 17th, 2021Blog

An epidemic and the changes it brings may seem like it would decimate the unattached influencers in the market. However, as many recent social media viral hits have shown, this could be the start of influencers spearheading awareness and marketing efforts for brands, according to Alchemy Group’s Dharika Merchant.

Contrary to popular belief, she says, brands are now shifting their focus to be more sensitive to the current situation by leveraging digital influencers to spread messages of health and safety. Of course, some influencer marketing agencies are witnessing a drop in brand. But if we could turn the tables around and educate brands about the importance of influencer marketing in spreading the right kind of information, a lot can happen in the influencer marketing industry.

Awareness generation Brands have slowly started to move towards influencer marketing to create awareness by finding unique ways to provide value to their consumers. Since influencers have the capability to make their homes into their workspaces, they can definitely act as the tip of the spear in generating awareness to millions of their followers

Education over sales Now it is not the right time for brands to overtly sell their offerings. That’s exactly why brands have started to use influencer marketing to creatively and subtly integrate their products while taking a strong stand against COVID-19.

Innovation is key COVID-19 is a wake up call that brands need to find innovative ways to engage with their audience online. Aside from brand collaborations with influencers across all , brands have started to take advantage of virtual communication through influencers to make the best out of the bad situation.

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