Meet ContentdB: Asia’s first integrated native advertising management platform

By June 20, 2017March 17th, 2021Blog

As content marketing gains momentum, it’s no longer enough to have a piece of content on your website or blog and hope your target audience finds it. That’s where content amplification comes in.

You’ve got to choose the right channel to promote your content to make sure it reaches your target audience.

But with so many communication channels to choose from—ranging from content discovery networks like Taboola, Revcontent and Outbrain to search and social media channels—determining which platforms work best for your brand can be overwhelming. Additionally, managing them individually on these different platforms is time-consuming and tedious. The most critical element missing from your content amplification value proposition is—efficiency.

So, what if you had access to a one-stop destination to monitor and understand the performance of all your native advertising content campaigns?

Now there’s a platform to make your content amplification efficient.

Introducing ContentdB: Asia’s first integrated native advertising management platform that helps you manage global content campaigns across multiple networks and publishers.


ContentdB gives you a unified view of numerous campaigns and multiple platforms that help you make informed decisions, thus saving time and effort while making campaigns more effective.

Now you can reach the right audience at the right time with the right content, and through the right channel at an optimal cost.

Plus, getting access to all campaign reports in one place allows you to optimize campaigns easily and generate better results from your investments.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started with ContentdB here.