One message, many expressions


Helping Max Life Insurance engage relevant prospects and drive leads for their Term Insurance plan


Detailed analysis of the most common keywords related to Term Insurance searches allowed us to identify audience archetypes using ConsumeriQ.

With ‘Thinkers’ and ‘Go-Getters’ revealed as our most responsive targets, we tailored media and creative to maximise relevance, minimise wastage and deliver outstanding results for our client.

Differentiated campaign creatives informed by the ConsumeriQ recommended archetypes:


We started with a single creative concept provided by the client and worked this into multiple versions, taking cues from our ConsumeriQ archetypes and insights.

Recommended Archetype – Go-Getters

Creative cues:
Personality Keywords: Ambitious, self-motivated, quality conscious
Value Proposition: To appeal to the ambitious nature of ‘Go-Getters’

Differentiated creative

Differentiated creative

Recommended Archetype – Thinkers

Creative cues:
Personality Keywords: Thoughtful, insightful, analytical
Value Proposition: Provide information to ‘Thinkers’ for an informed choice


higher engagement rate than previous campaigns

cost per lead over the course of the campaign

higher conversion rate than category benchmark


A car ad that is more ‘in-tune’ with its audience

Sparking planet friendly conversation for Suzuki