The key to mutual success

Each of our partnerships is based on a long-term relationship. At the heart of all these relationships is insightful observation, strategic business clarity and a relentless drive to deliver efficient and highly successful outcomes

Meet our partners

Through our broad range of partnerships we have developed an enviable understanding of the advertising ecosystem. Our knowledge, energy, expertise and reputation across the region is second to none. Our deep experience ranges from the media owners to the platforms they use, the media agencies that support the ecosystem, and the brands that leverage the opportunity.

For monetising multi-channel assets in India

At Zirca Representation we have developed long-term relationships with online publishers to monetise their multi-channel digital assets in India and across the wider Asian market.

We have adopted a two-pronged approach to these partnerships. Firstly ensuring we understand the publishers overall objectives and channel- specific strategy. Secondly focusing on the right product and pricing combinations to get the desired traction and return on investment in their chosen markets.

For scaling up search and programmatic campaigns

Reducing spillage and reaching out to the right target audience is first on any marketer’s wish list. Our media team uses state-of-the-art tech tools to help you see what’s working versus what isn’t, thereby giving you the power to improve a campaign continuously. The best ROI for your objectives is a happy outcome.

For generating demand in deeper markets

Zirca partners with a host of Media agencies to scale up advertising opportunities in less-explored markets.

Turning consumer data into digital delight

From in-depth audience research to targeted programmatic ads; from cost-effective campaigns to immersive content experiences, we’ve had the firepower to deliver, no matter what the need. Our case studies and client testimonials offer ample proof.


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