Programmatic Advertising: The Key to Success for Nonprofits

By February 8, 2021March 17th, 2021Blog

When it comes to nonprofit organisations, marketing involves more than just branding. In this case, there’s a specific cause being talked about, and a singular purpose to the organization that benefits society at large. So nonprofits need to leverage many of the same marketing tactics as other businesses, but they also need to convince their audience to donate toward a cause, while also providing a tangible return.

The challenge for digital marketers in this sphere is that it’s hard to market an emotional connect, not to mention that many people believe donations to causes are wasted in transit. That’s why it’s important to understand how advertising can have a positive impact on charitable causes, and programmatic advertising in particular.

Because nonprofits support a variety of causes, there are a plethora of targeting options available for advertisers to leverage. Before identifying who your target audience is though, it’s important to first identify your goal. What is the organization trying to accomplish? How much money do they need to raise? What type of cause are they trying to inform the public about? Are they trying to get volunteers to sign up? If so, how many? All of these questions need to be raised.

Audience Targeting for Nonprofit

Leveraging 3rd-party audience targeting along with custom 1st-party segments are ideal to capture an audience reading about related content about your cause through keywords and phrases. This is especially good for spreading general awareness about your cause, as well as seeking donations.

Once you have set your goals and have an idea of who your ideal audience will be, you can explore lookalike and retargeting audiences as pivotal tactics in your marketing mix.

Lookalike Audiences help to expand the reach of your cause to new people who have similar characteristics as your ideal audience. Retargeting audiences involves repeating your message to those who have either recently visited your site or watched a video ad. Since donors typically take about two weeks researching a cause before donating, this helps tip the scales.

The next step involves which ad format to use in order to reach your targeted audience. Video has increasingly important for nonprofit organizations to tell their stories. It is personal and educational, it informs people and inspires action.

Native ads meanwhile are a cost-effective means of paid content distribution. It’s non-intrusive nature also makes it particularly favourable for millennials frequently on mobile.

Interactive display banners are highly effective when used as a retargeting tactic. The animation is eye-catching and provides an opportunity for storytelling—all with the goal to remind prospects why they should donate.

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