Selling insurance to the internet generation


HDFC Life sought a sure-fire way to engage with a millennial audience and encourage them to consider life insurance products that currently play a latent role in their lives. The challenge was to get generation ‘now’ to plan for the future whilst understanding their world and speaking their language.


ConsumeriQ research revealed that targeting millennials as a homogenous mass was a flawed approach. After mapping HDFC Life’s brand personas with distinct archetypes, we created a content roadmap that matched HDFC Life’s products, audience mindsets and life stages. Based on archetypal format preferences we created a variety of content pieces. This integrated campaign delivered the most pertinent messages cost-effectively.


Zirca’s content campaign for HDFC Life created an enviable variety of content formats. From evocative articles and thought pieces to engaging polls, comic strips and infographics, there was plenty for the eye and the mind. After identifying archetypes and arriving at preferred formats, the content investment was diversified further into multiple publications for optimal impact.


jump in website visits

readers with average time spent of 2 mins for the tentpole article.

readers with average time spent of 4 mins for the Hindi article.

(2 millon+) article views with 8% CTR (industry average of 0.5% CTR)

respondents at a CTR of 0.5% for the interactive quiz

CTR for an infographic led story

readers on a video-based article

Client Appreciation

“Zirca has been a long-standing partner in the success of our content journey. The team has demonstrated clarity in approach, an innovative strategic thinking and efficient delivery. They’ve consistently raised the bar with respect to matching our brand message with various content formats.”

Prasad Pimple
VP – Digital Marketing & E-commerce