The Essential Elements of a Content Marketing Strategy

By October 26, 2017March 18th, 2021Blog

We create and consume content every single day. But content marketing is not something one does without a purpose. A content marketing strategy ensures you create and distribute valuable, relevant and inspiring content as well as attract a clearly-defined target audience. Content marketing has to inspire, inform, educate and entertain.

Let’s explore the four things you absolutely need to include in your content marketing strategy:

    1. Audience insights

      It’s important to create content for a specific audience. Knowing your audience starts with answering these key questions:

      • Who is your audience?
      • What are their interests?
      • What kind of content formats do they prefer?
      • Where does your audience spend time online?
      • How can you best reach them with your content?
    2. How you plan to tell your brand’s story

      Before telling your brand’s story you need to know what message you want to communicate, and how those messages differ from what your competitors are trying to say. You also have to think about which platforms you’re going to use, what your objectives are for each platform, and how you will link them to make sure you’re telling a cohesive brand story.

    3. Editorial calendar

      Content marketing success depends on consistency. You have the opportunity to establish trust with your audience, nurture them into loyal customers, and become their go-to place for information, advice or accessing a service. So, once you know the types of content you have to create, you need a calendar to ensure you stick to deadlines. An editorial calendar details how often you need to post to keep your audience engaged, keeping your campaigns on track.

    4. Amplification plan

      Great content without an amplification plan is a waste of time and effort. You have to distribute your content to the right people at the right time using the right channels. A content amplification plan needs to be a critical component of your content marketing strategy because knowing where and how you’re placing content informs the content formats you choose and the frequency of publishing.

Your content marketing strategy needs to be reviewed and updated periodically. You may also have to revise your platform strategy, topics, content formats and types, and team processes depending on the results you’re seeing.

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