The greener way to ‘gear up’ at Auto Expo


Helping Maruti Suzuki engage auto enthusiasts and environmentally-conscious consumers with its Mission Green Million initiative at Auto Expo (February 2020). At the same time working to a tight budget and timeline.


In-depth analysis of search keywords related to ‘automobiles’ and ‘environmentally friendly products’ provided unique insights that ConsumeriQ referenced to find the closest matching archetypes.

This revealed ‘Realists’, ‘Righteous Heroes’ and ‘Spotlighters’ as the optimal archetypes to drive this campaign.


Using the output from ConsumeriQ as a start point we curated content by archetype, producing multiple combinations of headlines and images. The approach delivered an immersive campaign enriched with infographics achieving the brand’s Go Green Mission and driving superlative return on investment for Maruti Suzuki.

Differentiated campaign creatives informed by the ConsumeriQ recommended archetypes:

Recommended Archetype – Spotlighters

Creative cues:
Personality Keywords: Imaginative, vivacious, brand-conscious, social
Value Proposition: Make environment friendliness cool for the ‘Spotlighters’

Differentiated creative

Differentiated creative

Recommended Archetype – Realists

Creative cues:
Personality Keywords: Problem solvers, adaptable, solution oriented
Value Proposition: Pitch a green solution to solution-oriented ‘Realists’

Recommended Archetype – Righteous Heroes

Creative cues:
Personality Keywords: Steadfast, opinionated, most likely to take the moral stand
Value Proposition: Appeal to the morality of ‘Righteous Heroes’

Differentiated creative

Infographic for Spotlighters

Out of 3 dominant archetypes for Maruti, ‘Spotlighters’ are more likely to consume automobile related content in an infographic format.

Therefore the amplification strategy focused on the ‘Spotlighters’ with specific headlines delivering 77% of the total clicks.


higher click to visits ratio than target conversion ratio (CVR) over 5 days

click through rate versus category benchmark

click through rate versus category benchmark


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