Three Core Digital Marketing Values To Remember In 2020

By January 7, 2020March 17th, 2021Blog

With a new year, not to mention a new decade, there’s got to be a shift in marketing strategies being adopted. Methods from the 2000’s may be time-tested, but they’re by no means immune to aging. So if you want to keep up with the times, there are at least three key trends in the market you need to pay attention to.

Privacy and security is at the forefront
Thanks to recent events like the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the GDPR data protection act in Europe, customers are now more aware of their personal data than ever before. So not only is it important for brands to ensure that they’re adequately protecting user data, marketers also need to ensure they’re not violating people’s right to privacy online while gathering data.

It’s a give and take system
Thanks to the Internet, consumers have gotten used to speedy resolutions for all their needs, without ever seeing another person. It’s important to keep this in mind when trying to draw in potential clients; no one wants to waste any time. More importantly, there’s huge benefit in incorporating customer feedback into improving the product. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of chat bots, loyalty programs, personalized AI customer support.

There’s more to content than visual
With how far technology has come in the last few decades, it’s a waste to simply rely on text articles, video, and the like. Look to broaden your campaigns with content that invites audience participation. This could be polls, quizzes, infographic maps, 360-degree video, even VR and AR.

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