When investment advice meets cultural insights


The good folks at Eastspring Investments, a Singapore-based investment firm, wanted to change the perception of their brand from traditional, suit-clad investment advisors to culturally informed experts. How could we offer a scalable long-term digital solution that’s as exciting as it is informative?


Zirca’s CreativeiQ created ‘InsightsOut’ a microsite experience filled with short, colourful and easy-to-read stories on little-known trends around key markets with a keen investment perspective.


Zirca’s strategic approach included building a ‘site-in-site’ paired with unique, scalable creative elements. The illustrative style offered a visual shorthand to capture the essence of the stories that could be adapted directly as social media posts. The unique story categories that included food, behavioural biases and innovation broadened the culturally-informed narrative and created deeper engagement. The content was edited for an optimal of 150-350 words with a relaxed tone and seamless product integration, to sustain interest and aid decision-making.


organic website visits

direct, 39% search, 29% paid

refreshed, tone, stance and editorial style

immersive, enjoyable illustrated stories

significant jump in quality leads for Eastspring Investments

*Source SEM Rush – September 2019