Why Content Marketing matters now more than ever

By January 9, 2017March 17th, 2021Blog

To understand how and why content marketing matters today, you need to understand what it can do for your brand, who your target audience is, and your content objective. Additionally, your business goal and what it is you need to gain from your content marketing efforts also matter.

First, let’s understand the need for content marketing. Think about traditional marketing and display advertising. More often than not, consumers want to turn off ads or set up ad blockers. One reason for this is they find ads annoying. Secondly, the ads are not relevant to their needs.

What the rise of ad-blocking means for content marketing

If your brand relies on digital advertising then know that the ad-blocking revolution is growing and will continue to get stronger. According to PageFair’s 2016 Mobile Adblocking report, at least 419 million people are blocking ads on smartphones. Mobile ad-blocking is most popular in emerging markets like India and China with 122 million Indian users actively using mobile browsers with built-in ad-blocking.

Key Insights

Mobile ad-blocking browsers have now become mainstream technology according to PageFair. With mobile ad-blocking technology easily available to consumers, the next billion Internet users may remain invisible and inaccessible to digital marketers.

That’s why changing your approach when it comes to digital advertising matters.
When you provide useful, relevant content that speaks to customer needs, they are more likely to engage with your brand. Content marketing is a marketing approach focused on producing and distributing engaging content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

Why does content marketing matter?

In Content Marketing Institute’s B2C Content Marketing Trends – North America 2017 study, 86 per cent of marketers indicated that content marketing is an important component of their organization’s marketing programs.

B2C Marketers Opinions about content marketing
Source: Content Marketing Institute

In the same study, 71 per cent marketers revealed that they always/frequently consider how their content impacts the overall experience a person has with their company.

Content creation and distribution
Source: Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing has the power to resonate with customers because it is centred on customer needs and interests. It’s a way for brands to communicate their products, vision, expertise and personality without appearing overtly promotional. It’s also a great way for a brand to build trust and visibility among its customers. According to the same study, 74 per cent of marketers revealed they will focus on brand awareness as a content marketing goal over the next one year.

Organisational Goals
Source: Content Marketing Institute

It’s a proven fact that consumers feel closer to a company as a result of content marketing. Analyst firm Demand Metric revealed that 82 per cent of consumers feel more positive about a brand after reading custom content.

Demand Metric
Source: Demand Metric

If you fail to recognise the value content marketing offers your brand, you’re going to get left behind.

Why brands need to think like publishers

At the core of every content marketing effort is carefully crafted content like blog and social media posts, insightful videos, infographics, etc. You can attract your target customers to a destination owned by your brand, i.e. by creating a web portal as opposed to buying media on another platform). This is what we call a content marketing hub. Creating a content hub is the first step toward thinking like a publisher.

A case in point is American Express’ OPEN Forum, which has allowed consumers to find the advice to some of their most important business challenges and to connect with the brand’s messages.

Open Forum

Even hotel brands are utilizing content marketing to take their brand to the next level. Content marketing offers limitless benefits to those brands willing to go the extra mile. The Marriott Hotel & Resorts in collaboration with Marriott International’s global content marketing studio launched the sequel to their 2015 original short film Two Bellmen this year, which has received close to eight million YouTube views. The films follow the unusually eventful lives of two bellmen working at a JW Marriott property.

If you want to engage and retain a loyal audience as a brand you need to stop creating content that sells and instead, create content that customers want.

What kind of content rules?

Though content is still king, the type of content that rules the web is constantly evolving. From social posts to blogs and white papers, one can create different types of content. Moving forward, video content will be the rage along with technological additions such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Live video content drives faster engagement if your target audience is already aware of your brand. To maintain a successful live video platform, brands need to have a continuous supply of high-quality, relevant content. Brands that don’t jump onto the video content bandwagon will be left by the wayside.

In a nutshell, content marketing allows brands to showcase the expertise they have within their industries. It allows target audiences to build a relationship with your brand at a deeper, more personal level. When those same customers realize the need for your product or service then either unconsciously or subconsciously they make the choice to connect with you.

If you’re concerned about how to get started in content marketing, don’t fret; it’s easier than it sounds. It might seem overwhelming when you’re just starting out. But take the time to develop the right content marketing strategy, and it’ll be worthwhile in the long run.