Why great storytelling isn’t enough

By January 7, 2020March 17th, 2021Blog

An oft-repeated quote by digital marketers is that, “Content is king but engagement is queen, and the lady rules the house.” It’s obvious when you think about it really; no matter how great your video or infographic is, it’s pointless if it doesn’t reach your audience, or if you’re pitching to people with no interest in the brand.

Presently, the most-used method of distributing promotional material online is what you could call “scattershot”. You put your blood and sweat into really engaging content, and then toss it into the abyss that is the Internet, hoping it resonates with as many people as possible. It’s like a shotgun really, you blast and hope you hit something.

But there’s much to be said about a more refined method. Instead of a shotgun, consider a round being fired from a keenly designed sniper rifle, wielded by the best marksman in the world. There’s less waste, less uncertainty about the results, and more reward for your efforts.

Which is exactly what Zirca’s ContentiQ tool is

Equally useful for both advertisers and media planners, CiQ goes beyond simple demographics to cut at the heart of what a person is. After all, how much does your age, gender, and job profile really tell a marketer about you? You’re not the same as any other 25-year-old entrepreneur, or 34-year-old CEO.

Each person is more than just the societal definitions that can be used to describe them. They have their individual hopes, dreams, ambitions, and fears, all existing simultaneously. ContentiQ plugs all this knowledge into a method we call psychographic segmentation.

Your audience is not a number

So instead of a homogeneous mass of people in a broad audience sector, we can split them into eight personality archetypes. You can use these archetypes to not only customize your content for each kind of person, but also better reach them on their platforms of choice.

We’re not content to just create good content (sorry, not sorry). We want to introduce you to the human side of digital marketing. After all, there’s more than just a number at the other end of your campaign. There are real people, looking for what you’ve got.

If you want to know more about our methods, and the archetypes used by ContentiQ, visit us at https://contentiq.in/.